Volleyball Training Equipment Ball Shooting Machine

Model: DV2
Voltage: 110-240V
Color: Blue and Yellow
Capacity: 30 pc s
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Product Details

Product parameter:

Model: DV2

Voltage: 110-240V

Color: Blue and Yellow

Capacity: 30 pc s

Suitable for: Personal, School, Club, Training institutions

Design concept- health and happiness

Ball games is not just an elegant noble sport, but also make us with good mood, edify sentiment and full of vitality; We have been devoted ourselves to the research and development of ball training equipment, hope to be able to bring real useful value to the society, bring health and happiness to human beings!

30 balls can be recycled

Rotary design, greater capacity, with good materials. Not easy degeneration, no rust, makes the ball basket for longer life.

Product Details

Carefully crafted quality, highlighting the details, humanized design with exquisite appearance

Hard-wearing shooting wheels

Corrosion resistance with hard-wearing materials, no hurt the ball, high wear resistance with long life

Comprehensive upgrade

Build good quality from inside to outside

Fully intelligent remote control with digital display

Placement arbitrary via self-programming

Vertical or horizontal angle fine-tuning

Vertical 100 degrees, large elevation arbitrary adjustment

Lifting function, maximum height 3.27m

Function training

Can practice: Digging( Frontal dig, Step dig, Side-arm dig, Low dig, Back dig, One-hand dig, Sprawl, Rolling dig, Diving save and Blocking), Service reception (Curve, Ceiling), Block ( Single block, Combination block), Spike, Passing etc.










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