Volleyball Shooting Machine DV2

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Product Details

Hotsale Volleyball Training Machine High Quality Volleyball Equipment


1.Full function remote control of digital display(speed, frequency, angle, rotation, etc.)

2.Intelligent drop-point programming, and self-training different modes of training 

3.Practice different ball digging( Forearm, step by step, underhand, single hand, the sprawl, the roll and the dive), serving, smashing and passing etc.

4. High-end wear-resistant wheels, easy to move

5.Automatic lifting, automatic feeding, no need to feed ball by hand

About warranty: Within two years, the warranty refers to the main components such as the free warranty motherboard and motor within two years. The first year is the free shipping warranty, but does not include wearing parts(fuse).

The machine designed by lifting function with maximum height 3.27 m

According to the customer requirement, adjust the height to achieve desirable effect

The angle of shooting head can be adjusted

Rise up the machine and down the angle, it can shoot smash ball

Decline the machine and up the angle, it can shoot dig ball

Design concept- health and happiness

Ball games is not just an elegant noble sport, but also make us with good mood, edify sentiment and full of vitality; We have been devoted ourselves to the research and development of ball training equipment, hope to be able to bring real useful value to the society, bring health and happiness to human beings!

30 balls can be recycled

Rotary design, greater capacity, with good materials. Not easy degeneration, no rust, makes the ball basket for longer life.

Function training

Can practice: Digging( Frontal dig, Step dig, Side-arm dig, Low dig, Back dig, One-hand dig, Sprawl, Rolling dig, Diving save and Blocking), Service reception (Curve, Ceiling), Block ( Single block, Combination block), Spike, Passing etc.

Suitable for: Personal, School, Club, Training institutions

PU material moving wheel

Made of PU material, not clay, hard-wearing moving wheel, rear wheel with a solid brake, humanized design, can better fix the machine to avoid sliding.

A pleasant ultra-low decibel, peaceful

Fore court fixed point smash

Backcourt horizontal and smash

Assists and smashes

Sketch of service mode

Fixed point net drop

Backcourt floating-service

Fore/Backcourt horizontal

Fully intelligent remote control

Variety remote control functions, LCD screen, clearly display, easily operate

Only gently press PAUSE BUTTON when you take a rest, it can save more than 50% of battery power.

REMOTE PAUSE function can save battery power when you pick up the ball, placing remote in your pocket during the training process.

Components of the machine

Hard-wearing shooting wheels

Automatic ball holder

Lifting shaft


PU hard-wearing moving wheel

Ball basket

Support base

Function training


Frontal dig, step dig, side-arm dig, low dig, back dig, one-hand dig, sprawl, rolling dig, diving save and blocking

Service reception

Curve, Ceiling


Single block, Combination block



Product parameters




Suitable for


Blue &Yellow

30 PCS

Personal, school, club, training institution



Model No:DV2
Product Name:Volleyball Machine
Package Size:126x74.5x203cm

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