Tennis Ball Training Machine DT2

Tennis Ball Training Machine DT2

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I've been lusting after a ball machine for five years. I started playing tennis since I was five, but now at 57 want to seriously move my game to another level. Improving is a journey and you need this machine to help you do it. With DT2, I hit 120 balls each afternoon and focus on a couple of things. It's amazing what you pick up by working like this. It's a required complement to lessons... you need to work on what the instructor says between lessons! So why DT2? I've played with some old school machines that require you to turn it on, then run around the net to hit the first ball. In the meantime, these machines have fired out four balls and you're racing to get into the flow. With the DK SPORT, I can change drills on the fly... working right to left forehand/backhand, then move in for alternating volleys that hone your footwork at net. As you know, Remote control allows programming up to 12 six ball sequences with every possible combination. You can simulate a real life situation, or just work on finding your grove on forehands and backhands. I think the mechanics of the SpinShot are very efficient. I have yet to have a ball get stuck in the feed mechanism (I collect once-played balls from my men's matches and keep them for the DT2 hopper). My only advise is make sure you "start" the machine before booting up/connecting to the iPhone App. This will ensure the handshaking occurs properly. I have a few favorite toys... this is one of them!

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