Tennis Ball Machine Not Lobster Tennis Equipment

Function: 1.Smart LCD remote control with full function(speed,frequency,horizontal angle,spin) 2.You can realize different modes of training by intelligent programming. 3.internal battery with large capacity can last 7-8 hours which allows you to have fun when playing tennis. 4.Remote control different vertical and horizontal elevation, arbitrary choice of placement 5.Random function 6.6 kinds of top and back spin adjustment 7.Remote control different vertical elevation of two line function(wide,middle,narrow) 8.One button to choose six kinds of cross-line ball 9.One button to choose different horizontal ball. 10.One button to choose different vertical elevation ball. 11.LCD display of battery level on the machine 12.Capacity:160pcs balls
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High End DT2 DKsportbot Tennis Ball Machine Not Lobster Tennis Equipment

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The tennis ball machine and its control system are integrated technology products integrating electronic, mechanical and computer technology. It has many characteristics such as high automation, high sensitivity and reliable stability.

Comparison List

modelcolorcapacityspeedfrequencyself-programremote controlsensorshooting systemtopspin&back spinfixed pointtwo linethree linecross linelight-deep ballHorizontal line
DT1Black/red/ white150 balls20-140 km/h1.8-6sec/ballxFull functionHigh-endinternalmiddle-linex
DT2Black/red/ white160balls20-140 km/h1.8-6sec/ballFull functionHigh-endinternalwide/middle/narrow-line
DT3red150balls20-140 km/h1.8-6sec/ballxMulti-functionnormalinternalxxxx
DT4Red160balls20-140 km/h1.8-6sec/ballxMulti-functionnormalinternalxxxx
DT5Red160balls20-140 km/h1.8-6sec/ballxFull functionHigh-endinternalx2 type crossx
DT6Red160balls20-140 km/h1.8-6sec/ballxFull functionHigh-endinternal4 type crossx

modelangle of horizontal adjustmentVertical lineangle of vertical adjustmentlobrandomLCD display remoteAC powerDC powerbattery displaymain motorS ball deviderPull-rodmoving wheelPortablewarranty
DT1automaticxautomatic110V/220Vinternal 3-5 hoursxHigh-enddoubleNormalgood2
DT230 points adjusting60 points adjusting110V/220Vinternal5-6 hoursHigh-enddoubleHigh-endHigh-end2
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