Manual Stringing Machine DS1 For Tennis Badminton

Top-quality tennis racket stringing machine best selling on sale Product Description: 1.Standing manual stringing machine. 2.Suitable for both tennis racket and badminton racket. 3.Octagonal work plate with single point racket clipping system. 4.Work-plate locking system 5.Arc stripe track way...
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DS1 Top-quality tennis racket stringing machine on sale

Rebecca Luo

Mob&Whatsapp:+86 18390931462


DS1 Table Type Manual Stringing Machine

Company: Near 10 years experience of design and product stringing machine.

Product have been sold to 62 countries and regions, hold thousands of users, and enjoy 95% of excellent feedback.

Merits of DS1: Constant pull, photoelectric switch, stock, two years warranty

DS1 Racket Clipping System:

Mobile six-point holding system

K-clamp with badminton and tennis dual use

Straight stripe track way

Economical clamp


Stringing hook

2.5mm wrench

Tennis and badminton awl & 2.5mm wrench

Diagonal pliers

Long nose pliers

Pounds gauger

3mm, 4mm, 5mm hexagonal wrench

14-17 open spanner

High pounds protector for badminton and tennis

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