China DK Wholesale Manufacturer S4015 Tennis Ball Machine Shooting Ball Machine

China DK Wholesale Manufacturer S4015 Tennis Ball Machine Shooting Ball Machine

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The best tennis ball machine

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DK tennis ball machine is the most advanced battery operated portable tennis ball machine in the world. Revolutionary design can customize your drills and program height, direction, spin, speed for each of 6 sequential shot and then save that into your personalized drill. Easy programming, you can make 2-line drill at any width and any height. You can make vertical oscillation with combined horizontal oscillation, or whatever oscillation mode you want to play with. All these can be made on your phone and saved into the machine. Next time when using the machine, just press the drill-x button, you can start your game.The Player Model was developed to be incredibly user-friendly and can be operated by even the youngest of players. Size of machine is 50CM(H), 45CM(L), 30CM(W) and weighs 22kg. It is lighter and more compact than any other ball machine with similar features. Towing wheels inc. 

A smart battery charger inc. Customer need order Power Module as an optional part. Battery option can be ordered for free, To fit the module into the machine is super easy and it can be referred from the UM" Android and iPhone based remote application is free to be offered to control the machine.DK SPORTmachine is now supporting the iPhone Remote Control for free. The user can even download free iPhone app from the apple store and try the app before order the machine. Troubleshooting steps Ball speed too low This can be caused by the fact that the battery can’t hold charge. User can measure the voltage of battery in using to verify. It can also be caused by the controller card. Machine only throws balls to left/right side of court This is the typical symptom when customer did not place machine properly after machine finish its initialization

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Whatsapp:+86 16675977526 


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