Tennis & Badminton Stand Design Stringing Machine DS11

DS11 Computer stringing machine both for badminton racket and tennis racket Description & Specification: 1.Vertical electronic stringing machine 2.Suitable for both tennis and badminton racket 3.Micro-computer controlled pounds self correction in 0.1 LB increments 4.Constant pull tensioning...
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DS11 Computer stringing machine both for badminton and tennis racket

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Intelligent computer automatic pound correction

2. Stable constant pull function.

3. Self-Checking

4. Store memory function, can set 4 groups of data

5. Pulse width modulate, variable speed can be available, protecting the string from hurting when the

string is in tension.

6. 4 groups of pre-stretch, suitable for different string

7. Sensor automatic string control, improving stringing speed and avoid breakdown

8. Three gears for speed

9. Knot and pound increasing set, automatically reset after knot

10. Three gears of voice

11. The voltage is 100-240V,suitable for any countries.

12. LB and KG transfer function.

13. Pound adjust function, accurate to 0.1LB.

14. Stringing head has the string protection system, which can be adjusted according to the stringing route.

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