Table Tennis Badminton Racket Stringing Machine

Table Tennis Badminton Racket Stringing Machine

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1.Microcomputer control: power-on self-checking, automatic power-off data storage,intelligent control.
2. Humanized design,easy to use.
3. Photoelectric instruction, up to 100,000 times work without any fault.
4. LED gives the adjusted pounds and functions operations, extremely clear display.
5. Sensitive electronic tension, pounds accuracy to ±0.1LB.
6. 4 sections Pre-pull function to protect the racket from distortion and pounds loss
7. Automatic storage memory: multiple customized pounds data to be chosen in next operation.
8. Pounds increase upon tie, kilograms (KG), pounds (LB) conversion function.
9. Constant pull
10.Reset upon tie


Whatsapp:+86 16675977526 


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