DS3 Table Computer Stringing Machine

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Product Details

DS3 Table Type Computer Stringing Machine 

Product Description:

1.    Three kinds of tension speed function

2.    Increase pounds and reset automatically when knot

3.    Have an intelligent converter of 100V-240V, suitable for any countries.

4.    Have USB connector, it can connect with the computer, upgrading and analyzing data.

5.    Tension head: adjust width of stringer according to the diameter of different strings

6.    KG/LB transfer button

7.    DS3 Racket Clipping System:

Mobile six-point holding system

K-clamp with badminton and tennis dual use

Straight stripe track way

Economical clamp

8.    Clear LG and LB scale

9.    Six-points clipping: Stable, even strength: 360 degree rotating, clip left and right arm separately.

10.  Free full tool set

Stringing hook

2.5mm wrench

Tennis and badminton awl & 2.5mm wrench

Diagonal pliers

Long nose pliers

Pounds gauger

3mm, 4mm, 5mm hexagonal wrench

14-17 open spanner

High pounds protector for badminton and tennis

Product parameters:

Model No:DS3
Product Name:Badminton and Tennis racket stringing machine
Package Size:78x62x58cm  
Warranty:2 years

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