Badminton Tennis Stringing Machine

1.Table electronic stringing machine. 2.Suitable for tennis racket and badminton racket. 3.Micro-computer controlled pounds self correction in 0.1 LB increments 4.Constant pull tensioning system 5.Power-on self-checking system 6.Four sets of pounds memory function 7.Pre-stretch,speed and sound are adjustable. 8.Knot with auto increasing pounds and back function 9.Intelligent converter 100--240V,suitable for any country 10.KG /LB conversion function. 11.Octagonal work plate with single point racket clipping system
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Best Budget Electronic Tennis Badminton Stringing Machine


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Function Parameters

1.Microcomputer control: power-on self-checking, automatic power-off data storage,ntelligent control

2.Humanized design,easy to use.

3. Photoelectric instruction,up to 100,000 times work without any fault.

4.LED gives the adjusted pounds and functions operations, extremely clear display.Sensitive electronic tension with advanced microprocessor technology to top pounds accuracy to ±0.1LB.

5.4 sections pre-pull function to protect the racket from distortion and pounds loss

Automatic storage memory: multiple customized pounds data to be chosen in next operation.

6.Pounds increase upon tie, kilograms (KG), pounds (LB) conversion function.

7.pre-pull function with 4 gear range

8.pull speed with 3 gear range

9.Constant pull

10.Reset upon tie

11. A strong body and created a structure ,durable service

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