Badminton And Tennis Racket Stringing Machine

Top-quality tennis racket stringing machine best selling on sale Product Description: 1.Standing manual stringing machine. 2.Suitable for both tennis racket and badminton racket. 3.Octagonal work plate with single point racket clipping system. 4.Work-plate locking system 5.Arc stripe track way...
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Best-selling tennis and badminton racket stringing machine 

Product Description:


Highlights: Open a new century for stringing machine

1.    Fashionable K clamp:  black, simple, dual-use

2.    Patent Anti-slipping: Durable. Zero Breakdown, Fastness

3.    Arc stripe: Refine, soldering and electroplating, anti-slipping

4.    Convenience: Quick fixed, even strength. The lock can keep the work plate stable and string the racket quickly.

5.    Clear KG and LB scale

6.    Six-points clipping: Stable, even strength. 360 rotating, clip left and right arm separately.

7.    Five-teeth clamp: Can adjust the clamp size for string of different diameter, the clamp part is anti-slipping, no string hurt, no pound drop

8.    Golden partner: Free full tool set

Stringing hook

2.5mm wrench

Tennis and badminton awl &2.5mm wrench

Diagonal pliers

Long nose pliers

Pounds gauger

3mm,4mm,5mm hexagonal wrench

14-17 open spanner

High pounds protector for badminton and tennis racket


Belief of DK SPORTBOT: Quality comes from the pursuit of elegant details, good service comes from the responsibility for customer.

After sales service

Professional technical service and complete spare parts supply, namely customer purchase, use and maintenance fullness.

Warranty : 2 years

Kindly noted: the bar code is the certification to keep your machine under warranty.


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