Squash Ball Shooting Trainer

1.Smart remote control with full function(speed,frequency,horizontal angle,spin) 2.Humanized design, internal serve direction, more practical training 3.The remote control is clear and easy to operate with LCD screen . 4.Battery comes standard,last 3-5 hours 5.Remote setting the depth of the two-line ball and three-line ball function 6.Random function 7.Built-in heating system 8.Up and down spin,and force adjustment 9.Internal battery replaced the outside battery,which makes the machine more convenient. 10.AC and DC power are available,AC 100V-110V and 220V-240V are optional 11.Oscillation Function :Random Horizontal; Random Vertical; Fully Random Horizontal & Vertical with variable Speed & Spin
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Professional Squash Ball Training Machine 

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Product parameters

*Power supply: AC and DC power supply, AC 110V-240V, DC 12V (dual power supply)

*Loading capacity: 80 capsules

*Power: 110W

*Colour: Black

*Weight: 19.05KG

*Package weight: 27.4KG

*Volume: 40*37*61cm

*Packing volume: 50*42*69cm

* Suitable for the crowd: individuals, schools, clubs, training institutions


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