Micro-computer Remote Squash Ball Machine With Lithium Battery

Micro-computer Remote Squash Ball Machine With Lithium Battery

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Product Details

Micro computer squash ball machine

with internally portable lithium battery

        Squash is an indoor sport, it can not be subject to seasonal weather restrictions, but also an all-weather sport. Squash is not only easy to learn, for non-professional athletes in terms of understanding the basic rules and action essentials you can practice and play for all ages, can be teenage children, and can be sixtieth old, but it is more suitable for young people to participate .

Squash is entertaining and interesting. In squash, the running and waving rackets such action provide  a good opportunity for upper and lower extremity exercise. Squash venue is small, fast ball, unpredictable pitch, thus requiring human  quick response, action , so exercise intensity squash, exercise is great.

Functional training

Can practice: batting techniques, hitting footwork; pumping the ball long and short lob, volley ball, pointing back to the forehand and backhand shots, smash ball.

Technical Parameters

* The first convenient  lithium battery , humanized design, safe and convenient using. 

* Full-function remote control, easy to use and efficient;

* Serve a variety of remote control functions: work / pause, speed regulation, frequency regulation, fixed point/flat stroke, horizontal/vertical, lob,random, topspin, back spin, forehand and  backhand two line function(middle).

* Cleverish remote control, LCD liquid crystal display screen instructions related functions, accurate, clear;

* You can change any settings and at different speeds, frequency, orientation, placement combined mode of training;

* Built-in direction control design of the machine, it is difficult to determine the emission direction of the machine during training, but also reflects the horizontal of the machine;

* You can send lob or half lob;

* Pitching Machine transmitter placement: fixed to the whole audience;

*Serve frequency : 2-8 seconds / ball;

* Serve Speed : 20-160 km / h


* Power supply: AC and DC power, AC :110V/240V,  DC :12V

* Ball Capacity:

* Power: 110W

* Color: Black

*  Package weight: 24.7kg                  Net Weight: 19.05kg

* Volume:   40*37*61cm                     Packing volume: 50*42*69cm

* Guarantee: Supply spare parts and technical service for free within 2 years if any quality


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