Volleyball Serve Skills

- Jun 05, 2019-

First, the front hand

Prepare posture: Facing the net, the two limbs are naturally open, the left foot is in front, and the left hand is in front of the body.

Tossing the ball: The left hand uses the palm to smoothly and accurately throw the ball in front of the front right shoulder of the body, about 50 cm in height. At the same time, the right arm is lifted, the elbow is bent back, the elbow is slightly higher than the shoulder, and the upper body is slightly tilted back. The five fingers are close together, the fingertips are facing up, the wrists are held up to a certain tension later, and the eyes are looking at the sphere.

Batting: The center of gravity of the right ankle is moved forward to abdomen, and the flexor quickly drives the arm to swing. The arm is in a straight line, and in front of the right shoulder, the hard part of the palm hits the lower part of the ball.


Second, start the serve

The start-up tee movement technique is simple and is an introduction to learning the teeing technique. The launching technique is a female exam project.

Prepare the posture: face the net, the left foot is in front, the knees are slightly bent, the left hand holds the ball on the chest, and the right hand naturally hangs down. Look ahead.

Throw the ball: The left hand throws the ball on the right side of the body, about 20 cm high. When the ball is thrown, the center of gravity shifts back and the right hand swings back.

Batting: The right ankle is squatting, the center of gravity of the body is moved forward, the right arm is straight, and the shoulder is axially forwarded to the front of the abdomen, and the lower part of the ball is hit with the palm of the hand. After hitting the ball, the center of gravity moves forward with the hitting action and enters quickly.

Common mistakes and corrections in teeing techniques

1. There is a wrist movement when throwing the ball, which makes the thrown ball unstable and affects the serve effect. Correction method:

(1) Flatten the knee or flat object and keep it from rotating.

(2) Repeatedly send the ball to the top.

2. The position in the height of the toss is not accurate.

Corrective method: Set a fixed target and repeat the throwing practice with the target.

3, when the front of the hand to serve, can not push the wrist movement.

Correction method:

(1) Practice the swing arm with your hands.

(2) The distance to the wall or the blocking net is 5-6 meters. Use the palm of the hand to hit the ball and experience the hitting technique.