The Main Function Of The Table Tennis Ball Machine

- Jun 10, 2019-

The table tennis ball machine is a must-have entertainment and practice for many gymnasiums and golfers. Here, we will introduce a more common ball machine with a simple function. The table tennis active ball machine is suitable for use in social, campus, family, and professional practice venues. The ball machine can send balls of various natures, which can be used for entertainment and fitness, and is suitable for professional practice, and the cost performance is particularly high. The main function:


1, can send up and down, left, right, right spin, and a variety of side up, side down mixed spin, use two-wheel drive, so the speed of rotation can be adjusted, together can not send the ball, close to the real combat .

2, can adjust the ball pitching point up and down, arbitrarily set the front and rear or left and right points to change, complete the fixed point, multi-area and multi-point launch. Note that each adjustment must be stopped and adjusted, and cannot be actively adjusted during the stroke.

3, the ball speed, the ball frequency, the head swing speed are set to multiple files, can be adjusted freely, 17-90 balls per minute.

4, with active recovery and supply system, continue to hit, no need to pick up the ball.

5, fast equipment and take apart only a few minutes, no need for anything.