Table Tennis Ball Machine Features

- Jun 05, 2019-

Regarding the table tennis ball machine, the table tennis ball machines currently on the market can be divided into two categories from the ball type: one type is a single wheel drive, and the other type is a two-wheel drive. Some ball machines have four wheels, but many of them are made by one-way friction. There is no relative motion between the upper and lower wheels, so it is basically the same as the principle of single-wheel drive.

The disadvantage of single-wheel drive is that if the ball is fast, then the rotation is also strong; if the speed is slow, then the rotation is weak. This is completely different from people playing in actual combat. In fact, the speed and rotation of the ball are not completely proportional. For example, the speed of attacking the ball is the fastest, but the rotation is not strong; while the arc of the ball is extremely strong, but the speed may not be very fast. . Those ball machines that are launched by a single wheel, if they directly issue the lower spin of the table, the minimum rotation strength is far beyond the actual combat, and it is not suitable for the actual situation of table tennis. In addition, in addition to the four rounds, the other single-machine can not send the ball.


The two-wheel-drive ball machine completely solves the contradiction between the single-wheel drive speed and the rotation, and can send more kinds of rotating balls, and can also send out the ball. However, at present, many ball machines at home and abroad need to stop first, and then go to the opposite side of the table to manually adjust, try repeatedly to change the arc of the ball; some even need to manually turn to change the direction of rotation and then issue various The ball comes out, basically belonging to the manual or semi-automatic control; then, is there a fully automatic ball machine?

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