Four Basic Factors Affecting Table Tennis Technology

- Jun 10, 2019-

Table tennis has a variety of different styles of play, as well as a variety of tactics. No matter what style of play, how tactics change, table tennis technology can not be separated from four basic factors: power, speed, rotation and placement.

The force acting on the ball is expressed by the forward speed and rotational strength of the ball.

If you smash in the offense and make the other party not pick up, then you have to play with strength.

If you are strengthening the strength of the rotation, whether it is to make the top or bottom, then you must rub the ball hard.

In order to minimize the preparation time of the other party, you must hurry and try to get the ball back to the opponent's counter in the shortest and fastest time, so that the other party is caught off guard, which is speed.


In order to increase the difficulty of the opponent's counterattack, it is also possible to create a variety of rotating balls, forcing the opponent to return the ball and then "out of opportunity" the ball, which is the rotation.

The table tennis table is not big. To make the ball that you have played in the past is more powerful, you must move the front and back, left and right movements or running. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the point.

Therefore, strength, speed, rotation, and placement are the basic factors of table tennis technology.