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Soccer Training with DK soccer machine

Soccer Training – Soccer Success!

It All Starts In The Effective Repetitions!


We even call it corrective soccer training.

Yes that’s right corrective training. Players have so many bad habits ingrained when it comes to receiving the ball that they need to take 100’s of touches on the ball to correct their technique. Watch any game, anywhere and you will see what we mean. Players do not know how to properly receive, trap, volley, and head the ball under game conditions. Well how can they when they have never developed the skill confidence to actually do it in the game pressure situation?

Throw out those old notions about how to train skills in soccer!

Unless your player is out in the backyard or the street every single day of the week playing soccer they are not getting the number of touches needed to become truly skilled players. Let’s face it folks we want them to succeed but asking that of them is not realistic if we stuff them into two or three team training sessions a week. There is too much to work on and not enough time.

If any of this rings true for you, then give them the chance to learn the techniques right,under ideal conditions and you will give them the confidence to perform under game conditions. We guarantee that if you use this machine and give your players effective, efficient serves they will improve their first touch. Whether it is a ten yard air ball to a 12 year girl or it is a 25 yd serve to one of your backs to work on trapping the ball dead at their feet every time, this machine will provide you something you cannot give your players. Repetitions that are effective all the time!

La DK SOCCER MACHINE puede dar a los jugadores de campo la capacidad de ganar confianza en estas habilidades y mucho más en su entrenamiento de fútbol:

balón de fútbol Rolling Balls, Air Balls, Driven Balls

fútbol dentro de trampas para pies, trampas para cordones, trampas para el pecho

entrenamiento de fútbol Pase de un toque

habilidades futbolísticas Control y golpear la pelota

Encabezados de entrenamiento de fútbol - ofensivos y defensivos

entrenamiento de fútbol con máquinas voladoras y mucho más se pueden entrenar de manera efectiva

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