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Product features:

1.Manually adjust the vertical angle
2.Horizontal swing 180 degree cycle,
3.Any point serving in the 180 degree range,
4.Frequency and speed adjustment.
5.Voltage 110-220V is optional;
6.Ball capacity: 5 balls.
7.Power capacity: 96W;
8.Frequency 2.3-6 seconds/ball.
9.The height of the serving ball is 1.2-2 meters;

10.The distance of the serving ball is 3.5-12 meters;



Características del producto:


1. Ajuste manualmente el ángulo vertical

2.ciclo horizontal de 180 grados de oscilación,

3. Cualquier punto que sirva en el rango de 180 grados,

4. Ajuste de frecuencia y velocidad.

5.El voltaje 110-220V es opcional;

6.Capacidad de bolas: 5 bolas.

7.Capacidad de potencia: 96W;

8.Frecuencia 2.3-6 segundos / bola.

9. La altura de la bola de servicio es de 1.2-2 metros;

10. La distancia de la bola que sirve es 3.5-12 metros;


 Product details :

Basketball shot machine -1

Basketball machine_06

Basketball practice robot_03

Basketball practice machine_01

Basketball shot machine_08

Basketball Rebounded machine_07

Basketball throwing machine_05

Basketball training machine_02

Basketball training robot _04

 Basketball training machine -1


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