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Basketball Machine DL3 With Full Function LCD Remote Control(Speed,Frequency,Horizontal / Vertical Oscillation,Etc.), Which Is Perfect For The Coach And Players To Improve Users Skills,You Don't Need To Worry About No Practice Partners Or Coaches.
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High level basketball throwing shooting machine 


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1. Manually adjust the vertical angle
2. Swing 180 degree horizontally and get a fixed point of 180 degrees.
3. The speed and frequency can be adjusted freely.
4. High-performance photoelectric sensor, the machine runs more stable and reliable.
5. The ball feeding system adopts a push-rod design to make the ball flow more smoothly.
6. Oversized mobile brake casters.High-end and wear-resistant.
7. The shooting wheel, the main motor uses high-quality materials, durable, motor service life of up to ten years.
8, Can use the 6th, 7th basketball


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If you would like to get more details, please feel free to contact us. Email: Whatsapp: +86 183 7314 9537


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