Mini Basketball Machine For Kids Learning

1. Frequency adjustment 2.Speed adjustment 3.AC and DC power dual use 4.Can be used globally 5.Multi-level adjustment 6.Satisfy more training skills 7.Stepless frequency and speed adjustment, The main machine is equipped with frequency and speed buttons, you can adjust the ball frequency and ball speed arbitrarily according to different requirement, to meet the baby's various basketball skills training, full of fun!
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Product Details

Mini basketball machine portable children equipment for kids learning

Model nameDL5

Packaging details:

Weight: 85KG

One set/carton

It is not only a smart basketball training equipment but also a fitness and entertainment toy. It adopts a two-in-one design concept of basketball racks and ball machines, which can meet the application of multiple scenarios in the living room, courtyard, campus, children's sports club, stadium, leisure square and playground. It is an intelligent sports equipment for basketball skills training, fitness and entertainment for kids aged 3-12.

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