Electronic Cheap Basketball Shooting Machine With Hoop Tracking Function

Function: 1. Computer programming, storage memory, boot automatically locate the origin; 2.Five kinds of fixed model to shooting 3.The data and display clear function 4.Fixed point and horizontal functions 5.1-17 points synchronized on LED display when serving 6.Serve a variety of functions: work / pause, speed adjustment, 1-17 fix point, 1-17 cycle points, 1-17-point or multi-point any particular programming tee times, five kinds of fixed procedures tee ; 7.Set goals and machine ball circle the number that tee shot calculation program, LED display goals, serve several shooting data; 8.Circulation systems, and can be recycled a ball; 9.Pitching Machine transmitter placement: fixed to 180 degrees azimuth.
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Electronic Cheap basketball Shooting Machine With hoop tracking function

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