Children Basketball For Kids Training Machine

Children Basketball for Kids Training Machine
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Children Basketball for Kids Training Machine not Michael Jordan Kids

Basketball for Kids

Children Basketball for Kids Training Machine Video

Children Basketball for Kids Training Machine Introduction

This children basketball machine specialized for kids, which is not only an intelligent basketball training device, but also an 

entertainment toy. Adopted the design concept with basketball frame and training two in one, children basketball can 

accompany 6 to 13 years old children’s basketball skills training, fitness and entertainment.


Children basketball machine can be applicated in living room, courtyard, campus, children’s sports club, stadium, leisure

 square, playground multiple scene.

   Name   Basketball for Kids Training Machine 
   Brand   SIBOASI
   Model   S6809A
   Specially designed for   kids
   Net weight   31kg
  Specification   85*80*156cm
   Input voltage   AC:110-220V DC: 24V
   Output power   75W
   Angle adjustment   Four level elevation
   Ball size   Size 4

Advantage of Children Basketball for Kids Training Machine

1. Children basketball machine has been upgraded Mini motor technology, two-wheel squeezing with accurate and stable


2. Wide-mouthed nylon fence, can achieve automatic ball collection, passing, no trouble to pick the ball.

3. Basketball frame and training machine two-in-one design, small and delicate, compact structure, not limited by the venture,

 can be used indoors.

4. Built-in intelligent induction system, when the human body and equipment distance less than 0.5 meters, children

 basketball machine automatically stop working to keep security.

5. Intelligent man-machine interaction, learning and playing dual-use, funny and practical, children basketball machine can

 cultivate children’s interested in playing basketball.

6. The children basketball machine  is equipped with 6 inch front moving wheel, smooth movement, rear wheel, steering

 flexible. Can widely used in basketball training courses, schools, stadiums , parts, squares, courtyards and other ventures.

children basketball

basketball for kids

kids basketball

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Children Basketball for Kids Training Machine Not Michael Jordan Kids

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Basketball for Kids Training MachineBasketball for Kids Training Machine


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