Basketball Shooting Machine For Training With Best Price

Basketball Shooting Machine For Training With Best Price

1.Manually adjust the vertical angle 2.Horizontal swing 180 degree cycle, 3.Any point serving in the 180 degree range, 4.Frequency and speed adjustment. 5.Voltage 110-220V is optional; 6.Ball capacity: 5 balls. 7.Power capacity: 96W; 8.Frequency 2.3-6 seconds/ball. 9.The height of the serving ball is 1.2-2 meters; 10.The distance of the serving ball is 3.5-12 meters;
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Product Details

Factory Intelligent basketball training machine with best price



1.Can practice shooting posture, holding skills, two-point and three-point shooting. Fixed point shots, shooting on the move, jump shots, hollow shots,  etc.

2.Fixed-point, horizontal ball, spin, speed adjustment, frequency adjustment

3.Circulating net system, which can be used for 1`3 balls

4.Fixed point or horizontal shooting with 180 degree

5.Practice physical strength and reaction speed


Elaborate researching practical equipment

Make it easier to exercise

Product Parameters:



Working Power

96 W


2.3-6 seconds/ ball

Net weight

120 KG

Ball Capacity


Serving height


Closed Volume


Package Volume


Horizontal Angle

180 degree


Power: 110-220W                          Working Power: 96 W

Frequency: 2.3-6 seconds/ ball      Net weight: 158 KG

Ball Capacity: 5PCS                            Serving height: 1.2-2M

Closed Volume: 90*64*172CM       Package Volume: 94*68*185CM

Horizontal Angle: 180 degree

Suitable for: Enterprise, personal, park square, School, training institutions, club, sports town, featured towns.

Training methods: In-situ shooting ( 2 points, 3 points), Marching shot, pull-up jump shot, tiptoe, swish, hook, backward shot, turnaround jump shot, tactical training, coordination training, moving footwork, moving speed, physical strength and endurance.


Experimental Proof:

Intelligent basketball training equipment can inspire the player’s maximum potential, the training effect of athletes is 30 times than that of traditional training methods.


Suitable for men, women and children

“Forced” physical strength and endurance improving, equipment is a standard and tireless” ball companion/coach” that waits to witness your limits: Get up to practice, challenge the limit.

“Forced” mobility and responsiveness improving , the ball is fed at any angle in the court, and the player moves and reacts to the ball according to the service direction of the equipment

Speed adjustable

Quick track

Slow track

Front 2 point, 3 point training

Left 2 point, 3 point training

Left 45 degree 2 point, 3 point training

Right 45 degree 2 point, 3 point training

Right 2 point, 3 point training


Five functions

Three dimensional cycle

Speed adjustable

Height adjustable

Frequency Adjustable

Retractable net


Fastest frequency 2.3 sec/ball; Slowest frequency 6 sec/ball

Suitable for



Park square


Training institution


Sports town

Featured towns


More than one possible: Multi-function basketball training machine, more training more effective

1.    Go around obstacles and shoot(jump shot)

2.    The two pass shot training

3.    The three pass shot training

4.    Multi-player cooperation


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