Basketball Shooting Come Back To You Machine

A basketball shooting machine is usually a piece of equipment installed on or around a hoop to help players get more repetition. DKsportbot DL1 Basketball Shooting machines rebound and distribute the ball to the player, allowing for more shots in a quicker fashion.
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Basketball Passing machine for training from factory directly

Basketball shooting machine is a great tool for player development. If you want to practise shooting, it will save you lot of time in comparison with regular shooting drills where players passing ball to each other. 

One more thing that helps shooting improvement is net that shooting machine has for collecting balls. Net is pushing players to shoot with higher arc. Decent arc is very important for correct shooting.

  • Speed and frequency can be adjusted according to the player's habits and skill level.

  • Circular work system, can use 5 ball max.

  • Automatically rotates baseline to baseline, or anywhere in between.

  • The height of the ball can be adjusted from 1.2 to 2 meters.

  • With sturdy and durable telescopic net.

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