Basketball Passing Machine

A basketball shooting machine is usually a piece of equipment installed on or around a hoop to help players get more repetition. DKsportbot DL1 Basketball Shooting machines rebound and distribute the ball to the player, allowing for more shots in a quicker fashion.
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Automatic Basketball Shooting Machine, PRO Basketball Training Equipment

Suitable for: personal, enterprise, park square, school, trainning institution, club, etc.

Training Skills: set shot(2 points, 3 points), runing shot, jump shot, stop-jump shot, tear shot, back-step shot, 
turnaround jump shot, etc 
and tactical training, coordiantion training, moving footwork, moving speed, physical strength and enduracne.

The frequency and speed can to adjust at match any skill level.

The machine can be set to shoot the basketball out every 2.5 – 10 seconds.

Use up to 5 balls at a time for a fast, continuous workout!

Manually adjust the vertical angle

Horizontal swing range is 180 degrees

Variable frequency and speed adjustment

Voltage 110-220V is optional

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