English Version Badminton Training Equipment

English Version Badminton Training Equipment

Product Parameters
(1)Voltage : AC 100---240V
(2)Speed: 20-140km/hours
(3)Frequency: 1.2-4.5seconds
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Product Details


Fashionable vertical badminton shooting machine

Products description:

1. Full-functions with remote control (speed,frequency ,angle and so on )

2. High performance of photoelectric sensors makes the machine runs more stably and reliably.

3. Wide range of voltage 100V--240V ,Over-current protection ,rest assured to use

4. Adjusting the shooting angle dynamoelectric, highest 7M .

5. Smash functions, with fast speed

6 .Remote control with different angle and three line functions

7. Random function

8. One button to choose six kinds of cross-line ball

9. One button to choose different horizontal ball.

10. The key components: shooting wheels and the main motor with high quality materials are durable,motor service life can be up to 10 years

11. Suitable for any shuttlecock( nylon , plastic and so on )

12. The body structure is dexterous , portable handle ,easy installation .

13. Folding tripod with wheels and brake ,Convenience to use

14. Continuous training 200balls , challenge the limit

15. Luxurious design,can be placed in the trunk of any cars after folding it, easy to carry

Product Parameters

(1)Voltage : AC 100---240V

(2)Speed: 20-140km/hours

(3)Frequency: 1.2-4.5seconds

(4)Elevation : Manual

(5)Horizontal : Automatic by remote control

(6)Shooting direction : External

(7)Ball capacity : 180pcs

(8)Color : Black

(9)Lifting : 0-85cm

(10)Power : 100W











Product accessories:

1. Power wire 1pcs,square prism 1pcs,stander 1pcs,remote control 1pcs,remote control battery 2pcs, lithium battery 1pcs, Allen wrench(2.5L / 3L ) each 1pcs .

After-sale guarantee

Supply spare parts and technical services for free within 24 months if any quality problems.

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