Badminton Machine Server

1.Full function LCD remote control(speed,frequency,trajectory etc) 2.Intelligent programming to set the whole court of 28 shots points 3.Li-ion battery of 3-5hrs working time 4.Automatic lifting column with press button,can stop at any height. 5.Intelligent automatic power system(100V-240V) to protect the machine. 6.Automatic vertical elevation adjustable,the serving height can be up to 8 meters 7.Remote control different vertical elevation of two line function(wide,middle,narrow) 8.Random function,six kinds of cross-line shuttles,Pause function, convenient to operate 9.The key components: shooting wheels and the main motor with high quality materials are durable,motor service life can be up to 10 years 10.Light and handy, suitcase design 11.Foldable Tripod wheels with brake, easy to move 12.Capacity :180 shuttles 13.Accessories include the remote control, charging cable and power cable
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Remote control badminton machine badminton shuttlecock machine for training badminton shooting machine DB2


Product Description


1.Full function intelligent remote control ( speed, frequency, angle,etc.),full automatic lifting.

2.The serving height is up to 7.5 meters with perfect smash function

3. Suitable for any badminton 

4.High performance photoelectric sensor makes the machine more reliable and stable.

5.Intelligent droppoint programming, self program different modes of training

Handsome badminton machineDB2 has full function intelligent remote control, full automatic lifting. The serving height is up to 7.5 meters with perfect smash function. Intelligent drop point programming, self program different modes of training. It act as a role of coach.


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