Automatic Shuttlecock Launcher

Function: 1.Smart LCD remote control with full function(speed,frequency,horizontal angle,spin) 2.You can realize different modes of training by intelligent programming. 3.internal battery with large capacity can last 7-8 hours which allows you to have fun when playing tennis. 4.Remote control different vertical and horizontal elevation, arbitrary choice of placement 5.Random function 6.6 kinds of top and back spin adjustment 7.Remote control different vertical elevation of two line function(wide,middle,narrow) 8.One button to choose six kinds of cross-line ball 9.One button to choose different horizontal ball. 10.One button to choose different vertical elevation ball. 11.LCD display of battery level on the machine 12.Capacity:160pcs balls
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 Automatic Badminton Shuttlecock Machine With Remote DB1



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Smash setting: Adjust the speed of the smash shot to help practise your defensive skills. 

Shuttlecock capacity: 180

Light weight and easily portable due to its folding tripod wheels and brakes. 

Suited for any type of shuttle: feather or nylon.

Three-line Function: Divides the court into left, centre and right and has options to alternate shots to those spots thereby allowing the player to practice full court movement and footwork as well as simulate playing an opponent.


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